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الكورس الشامل لقواعد اللغة الإنجليزية | The Complete English Grammar

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طلب كورس

Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس

الكورس الشامل لقواعد اللغة الإنجليزية | The Complete English Grammar

The Complete English Grammar

الكورس الشامل لقواعد اللغة الإنجليزية | The Complete English Grammar

تمنحك هذه الدورة لمحة كاملة عن قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية.

ستمنحك هذه الدورة القدرة على فهم اللغة الإنجليزية بشكل أفضل

والثقة في التحدث وكتابة اللغة الإنجليزية بطلاقة.

يتم تدريس دورة قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية هذه بواسطة اثنين من مدربي الاتصالات المشهورين عالميًا ،

TJ Walker و Derek Smith

رسالة من ديريك سميث:

اسمي ديريك ، أنا مواطن بريطاني ومدرب مؤهل وذو خبرة في TEFL / TESOL.

لقد قمت بتدريس اللغة الإنجليزية للبالغين لأكثر من 10 سنوات وأتطلع إلى استخدام التكنولوجيا للوصول إلى جمهور أوسع.

لدي لهجة محايدة واضحة وسهلة الفهم.

قد لا تكون هذه هي أطول دورة في Udemy ولكني أحترم وقتك.

الدروس هي أطول فترة ضرورية ، وقصيرة قدر الإمكان.

ستشكل ملفات PDF القابلة للتحميل لكل درس مجموعة موارد قيمة لك.

الكورس كامل بالفيديو مقدم من يوديمى

شاهد الكورس على موقعه الرسمى من الرابط التالى :

الكورس الشامل لقواعد اللغة الإنجليزية | The Complete English Grammar

What you’ll learn

A detailed and thorough knowledge of English grammar.
To understand English easier.
To speak and write English with more confidence.


A desire to learn and master English grammar.
Basic listening and reading ability for non-beginner material.
Otherwise, no previous knowledge of English grammar.


This Udemy course gives you, the English language learner, a complete overview of English grammar.

This course will give you the ability to understand English better and the confidence to speak and write English more fluently.

This English grammar course is taught by two world-renowned communications trainers, TJ Walker and Derek Smith

Message from Derek Smith:

My name is Derek, I’m a native Brit and qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL trainer.

I have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years and look forward to using technology to reach a wider audience.

I have a neutral accent which is clear and easy to understand.

This might not be the longest course on Udemy but I do respect your time.

The lessons are as long as necessary, and as short as possible.

Downloadable PDFs for each lesson will form a valuable resource collection for you.

The course is not designed to be accessed in sequence but takes more of a pick and mix approach.

For example, if you need help with prepositions of place, simply go to the prepositions section and look for the lesson on prepositions of place.

Or if you need help with present perfect continuous, go to the tenses and aspects section and check out the lesson on present perfect continuous.

The exception to this is the Beginner’s Section, which is intended to be accessed from start to finish, in order.

Where there are differences between UK and US grammar, these are explained in the lesson.

I encourage you to ask questions if you feel that something has not been fully or clearly explained. You will get an answer and, if necessary, the course material will be updated. Depending on the answer, I will add a new lesson to the course.

Here is a brief summary of the course benefits for you:

Native speaker

Experienced and qualified teacher

Neutral and easy to understand accent

Lessons structured for easy access

Downloadable resources for each lesson

No bloated lessons to trick you or waste your time

Valid for UK and US English

Updates as required by the learners

Udemy 30-day refund policy

How many of your boxes did I tick?

This is the English grammar course you need. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Message from TJ Walker

I have been teaching executives around the globe to deliver presentations in English for the last 30 years. Most people, even native English speakers, are insecure about their English grammar. You can become an accomplished speaker and communicator and know that you are using excellent English Grammar every time you speak.

Derek is one of the top English grammar instructors in the world and I am proud to be teaching this course with him. He has the English and European sensibility down perfectly. And I have been living in and working in the United States my entire life. When you put us together, it is a powerful combination designed to help you become a master at English grammar and communication.

Good luck and I hope to see you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

English learners who wish to improve their grammar knowledge.
English learners who wish to communicate confidently in English.

مساحة الكورس 2.5 جيجا تقريبا

تحميل موفق للجميع

انتهى الموضوع

كلمات دلالية :

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التحميل المباشر

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