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برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

برنامج مميز جداً لحماية كلمات السر الخاصة بك من التطفل والتجسس والإحتراق

فتستطيع مع هذا البرنامج حفظ الباسوورد الخاص بك فى مختلف المواقع والمنتديات وحسابات البنوك وحسابات مواقع التواصل المختلفة

مما يسهل عليك الدخول إلى مواقعك مع حفظ كلمات السر عليها دون القلق من أن يقوم أحد غيرك بالحول إليها

فمع برنامج 1Password تقوم بإستخدام كلمة سر واحدة يمكنك من خالالها الدخول بكل سهولة إلى ما تريد من حساباتك الشخصية دون أن تقوم بإعادة تسجيل بيانات الدخول

برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

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برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

برنامج حماية كلمات السر على الويندوز | 1Password 7.3.684

1Password gives you the security you need in today’s online world without slowing you down. 1Password makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts.

Slim your wallet
1Password’s vault has many tailored shelves. Store your credit cards, reward programs, membership cards, and more. Never leave home without your important information again.

Protect your identity
Store your entire life in 1Password. Add bank accounts, passports, wills, investments, and more. Your life, secured by 1Password.

Secure your sticky notes
Stop using sticky notes for private information you don’t want others to see. Secure Notes let you store this information in the privacy and security of 1Password’s vault.

Instant log in
A single click opens your browser, opens a site, fills in your username and password, and logs you in. It’s the fastest way to work or play.

Type less, get more done
One click can automatically fill out long, tedious signup forms or shipping and credit card details when shopping online.

Add your own password ingredients
Our Strong Password Generator is your key to password liberation. One click creates a strong, unique password for each account, and our browser extension fills it into the website automatically. For times when you need more control, change the password recipe. You can customize pronounceable words, special characters, and more. It’s the simplest way to protect your self from password reuse, data breaches, and PML—Password Memory Loss.

Everything in its place
– Mark your most important or frequently used items for quick access and sync this list among all your devices.
– Drag any mix of 1Password Logins, Secure Notes, and other items into folders for work, finances, social media, or any other grouping you need.
– Adding tags to 1Password items is a snap; focusing on them to get things done is even easier.

We’ve got your back
Our new service keeps you informed about your security. Watchtower securely checks your logins for known vulnerabilities and tells you which sites need new passwords.

Stay safe in multiple platforms
– 1Password for Windows has siblings for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. We’ve got you covered.
– 1Password for Windows syncs with your mobile devices through 1Password for iOS or Android.
– 1Password supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and, for the first time, Opera.

Whats New :
Added (right-click) popup menu items: “Select Icon” and “Delete Icon”.
You can now turn OFF the Wallet and Accounts groups via: View > Wallet and View > Accounts.

Improved the first user experience.
Added some more details to the Wi-Fi Sync window (about what Wi-Fi Sync is doing).
Logins with HTTPS URLs are not shown in extension on HTTP sites. Fixed.
Auto-save dialog allows adding tags.
Added save prompt for changed password in Internet Explorer.
Improved password strength meter.
Added Secure Desktop buttons to the Change Password window.
Added Ctrl+E (edit item) and Ctrl+S (save item) keyboard shortcuts.
Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1 – Ctrl+9 for switching between vaults.
Updated domain matching to Mozilla’s latest Public Suffix List (PSL).
Added message to 1PIF export, warning the user for plain-text (unencrypted) export.
Added warning if the Caps Lock is on while trying to enter the master password during Wi-Fi Sync setup.
Added support for shell commands via the cmd:// scheme. Suggested in our forum by Winter_mute for logging into SAP.

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