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تطبيق تسجيل الملاحظات الصوتية للاندرويد | Easy Voice Recorder Pro v2.6.0 build 11097

تطبيق Easy Voice Recorder Pro للاندرويد ,

لعمل الملاحظات الصوتية و تسجيل اللحظات الهامة ,

سجل الاجتماعات والملاحظات الشخصية و الاحداث الطارئة و غير ذلك الكثير ,

نسخة كاملة و بأحدث الاصدارات و التحديثات للاندرويد ,

التطبيق APK بمساحة 6,3 ميجا بايت

تطبيق تسجيل الملاحظات الصوتية للاندرويد | Easy Voice Recorder Pro v2.6.0 build 11097

تطبيق تسجيل الملاحظات الصوتية للاندرويد | Easy Voice Recorder Pro v2.6.0 build 11097


Requirements: Android 5.0+ | Size: 6,3 MB

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is your everyday companion to record important moments. Capture meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without time limits or ads! FOR STUDENTS:
• Record your classes and lectures with clear quality, even when the teacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these notes as many times as you want to help you study for that next exam.
• With no time limits and the option to choose a compressed format, it’s easy to record even the longest classes and lectures.


• Capture interviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, or smart watch, then share them with your colleagues through email or your favourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgets and shortcuts to start a new recording right from the home screen.
• You can even enable cloud upload to record voice notes while commuting and have them automatically uploaded to your laptop.
• For musicians and for everyone

With many options to fine-tune the recording, the app is great for rehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop in your head. Quickly try new ideas, hear the results and make adjustments on a new take.

You can quickly switch between voice notes, meetings & lectures, and music & raw sound with easy to use settings and presets.


• Upload new recordings automatically to your Google Drive or Dropbox.
• Manage and organize your recordings with folders, and save recordings to your SD card.
• Record using a Bluetooth microphone.
• Control the recorder from anywhere using the notifications bar, or through our Tasker and Locale plugins.
• Many more options, including MP3 support, stereo, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates, and more.

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