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نسخ النصوص من الصور و التطبيقات للاندرويد | Universal Copy v3.1.1

تطبيق Universal Copy مفيد جدا ,

في بعض الأحيان تريد نسخ نص من تطبيق أو صورة و لا يمكنك استخدام الضغط المطول الافتراضي في الاندرويد ,

لكن مع هذا التطبيق يمكنك نسخ اى نص على شاشة الاندرويد الخاصة بك ,

نسخة كاملة و بأحدث الاصدارات و التحديثات للاندرويد ,

التطبيق بمساحة 2,3 ميجا بايت ,

نسخ النصوص من الصور و التطبيقات للاندرويد | Universal Copy v3.1.1

نسخ النصوص من الصور والتطبيقات للاندرويد | Universal Copy v3.1.1


Requirements: Android 4.1+ | Size: 2,3 MB

Sometimes you want to copy text from an app or image and you cannot use the default Android long press? UniversalCopy takes that pain away! In any app, activate the UniversalCopy mode and select the text you want to copy, that’s it! Copy text from any application: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, News Republic, Snapchat.

With the OCR mode (available in UniversalCopy Plus), you can even copy text (latin characters only) from images or any app where the developer blocked the normal mode (facebook lite).

Easy. Simple. Super fast.

UniversalCopy allows you to copy text without the need to use the long tap action.


1. download and install the app
2. activate the Universal Copy accessibility service (Settings > Accessibility)
3. go to the app (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any app) you want to copy text from
4. open your notification drawer and click on “Activate Universal Copy mode”
5. the text zones you will be able to copy from appear in light blue.
6. tap the text you want to copy, it will highlight in blue
7. click on Copy and you’re done!
If no text is detected on phase 5, you can switch from normal to OCR mode. The OCR Mode allows you to copy text from apps where the Normal Mode does not work (thanks to a character recognition technology – OCR).


• On Samsung Galaxy devices (SG 5 and later), check to see if you have App Battery Optimizer in Samsung Smart Manager app enabled. Please disable this as it is known to disable Universal Copy Accessibility Service: go to Android Settings > General > Battery > look under App Optimization and select Details. Then find Universal Copy and turn it off.

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