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Complete German Course: Learn German for Beginners

No previous knowledge of German is required. You can start from scratch!
A desire to learn German
A positive attitude!
The ultimate German beginner course that will teach you German faster than you thought possible! If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or any other German-speaking country and holding your own in real-life situations, being independent and able to communicate with the locals,. Perhaps you want to experience the rich culture and sample the delicious local cuisine or do business with local companies. Whatever your reason, this German course for beginners is right for you!

During our 40 lessons you will learn:

Lots and lots of vocabulary

How to read and write in German

Useful everyday phrases

Basic sentence structures

Basic grammar rules most beginner courses don’t teach

After taking this course you will be able to:

Greet people and introduce yourself both formally and casually

Pronounce words correctly without hearing them first

Read a restaurant menu

Count up to 1000

Order food and drinks

Give and receive directions

Describe yourself and other people in both personality and appearance

Tell the time

Make requests, describe what you want and what you plan to do

Express your feelings, your interests and dislikes

Navigate multiple types of everyday situations, like shopping

Give and receive directions to places you need to go to

This course aims to help you master the basics of German and give you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a German speaker.

Start your German journey with us today!

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to start learning German for any purpose – traveling, business, dating, studies, or anything else, this course has you covered
Anyone who wants to advance quickly in their German language journey – in a way that’s easy, fun and fast
People in any age groups, from kids to grown-ups, this course is built in a way that’s easy to understand for any person willing to learn

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Complete German Course: Learn German for Beginners

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