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Desktop Support / Troubleshooting- Healthcare IT Technicians

Some previous experience of using Windows 10 at an intermediate level, i.e. a home user
Over this course, we’ll be covering some of the unique aspects of working as an IT Support Technician within a healthcare IT environment such as a hospital.

Topics covered include the following:

* Various types of hardware & software typically found in clinical environments

* Data protection with regards to GDPR and sensitive data

* How infection control procedures apply to IT Support Technicians

* Some tips on using Windows Compatibility Mode

Also included on this course are some real-world case studies relating to typical support tickets that you might encounter when working in a healthcare setting, especially within a clinical area.

Unlike a typical office environment, some of the challenges you’ll find in a hospital particularly are unique in nature, as they require keeping in mind aspects such as infection control, and priorities that can often change, depending on the current situation in the area where the support ticket came from, for example a ward containing patients.

Healthcare is also one of the few places that might use the services of more than one IT department, and you’ll need to be able to identify which equipment your area is responsible for, usually by examining any stickers that may be located on the equipment and also the type of equipment in question.

Who this course is for:
IT Support Technicians working in a healthcare environment

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Desktop Support / Troubleshooting- Healthcare IT Technicians

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