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Finance Fundamentals for Building an Investment Portfolio


  • Basic appreciation of risk-return trade-off in investing
  • An open mind to learn


This is a finance fundamentals course for all aspiring portfolio managers. Using a chronological approach, we will look at how the process of building an investment portfolio has evolved over the years. From the very beginning when the idea first came about, until the latest innovation in building a modern portfolio. Using only conceptual diagrams, this course should cater to all investors from beginners to experts. We will also use simple short videos to explain the concepts behind some proven quantitative strategies used by hedge funds.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner investors who are interested in learning the basic finance fundamentals for building a stable and resilient investment portfolio
  • Intermediate to advance investors who are interested in knowing how multi-strategy hedge funds can achieve stable consistent returns regardless of market conditions

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Finance Fundamentals for Building an Investment Portfolio

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