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SEO 2021 – Learn White Hat SEO to Make Your Site Rank Higher

Basic computer knowledge
Be excited about learning SEO
Find out information on how to rank better on Google in 2021 using SEO tools and tips. Also some of this knowledge will help improve your conversion on your website which is also an SEO ranking factor. Search Engine Optimatiozion is changing so will visit some of things to help you improve your SEO. Page speed has become an SEO factor as well as Mobile Ready. If your website looks poorly on a mobile device or is slow at loading not only is it affecting converisons but also can have an impact on your search engine ranking.

In this course will cover the basic SEO techniques and even some website issues that can be affecting your ranking. Check out this course today and get to ranking higher in 2021!

Will be covering why back linking is still important for SEO in 2021 but not all back links.

How to remove spam-my back links that could be hurting your SEO in 2021.

What are internal back links and how they can help your SEO.

How to use JSON / Schema to improve your SEO ranking in 2021

FREE Tools for creating JSON

Why content is important for your SEO strategy but not just any content.

How your website can have direct affects on your Google Maps.

Free Keyword Tools to help you find keywords to SEO

Learning how to use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve your SEO ranking

Why Bing Tools have a lot of useful information.

Why a slow website can have major affects on your SEO ranking.

And will cover so much more!

Over 28,000 people have register for SEO 2021 – Learn Local SEO to Make Your Site Rank Higher

Read some of my Reviews!

Nice Course, very simplified ways on how to rank higher in the local SEO.

This course is very informative and the instructor way of teaching is very impressive and I understood a lot from this course

The course is practical and insightful. Thank you!

Who this course is for:
Beginner SEO Through Advance SEO

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SEO 2021 – Learn White Hat SEO to Make Your Site Rank Higher

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