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Ubuntu Linux Desktop Basics

Basic knowledge of windows,MacOS and Virtual box environment , Flash Drive at 4 GB

Greeting All,

In this course you will learn how to install and make your way around the desktop edition of Ubuntu 18.04 one of the most user-friendly Linux distributions.

Learn how to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine or directly on your computer and start performing common tasks: working with files, listening to music, editing photos, backing up your data, and sharing files with other users.

For users that are interested in going a little further with Linux it also introduces how to use the command line. Whether you’re considering switching from Mac or Windows, or see your company migrating that way this course will help you get up and running with Linux fast. The Following topics are covered in this course

Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine

Installing Ubuntu directly on a computer

Using the GNOME desktop environment

Connecting to the internet

Working with files and folders

Browsing the web

Creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

Working with photos

Backing up your data

Sharing files

Using the Linux terminal


Dual Boot Ubuntu and windows 10 demo

Useful Ubuntu 18 commands demos

Who this course is for:
windows ,Mac Users who know basic Linux GNOME desktop and wanted to switch windows to Linux desktop

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Ubuntu Linux Desktop Basics

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