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This video is about igtv app review and instructions to create new account.

So what is igtv,the instagram tv is also called as igtv and you can use your instagram login details to sign up process.

There is no need of open the new account on this app,and also send the gif videos through this application.

When we compare igtv vs youtube,the igtv has new features and also like and comment that post.

This instagram latest version is one of the trending app in 2018 and same way you can create your channel.

Always use this new update,because the older one is not working and sometime it shows error messages.

Also available in this tips in tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam.


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Instagram latest update – igtv – how to use igtv?

1.Before going to my tutorial first of all you can download and install this app in your android mobile.

2.Also this application apk file is available on google.

3.Now a days this is the best youtube competition app developed by instagram team.

4.It has the newest story update in video format.

5.So you can upload longer videos in portrait mode with in 1 hour.

6.Now a days this igtv viral video tricks are going on internet.

7.And the main focus of this app is to upload the videos in vertical mode.


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