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30 Days of iOS 12 Learn iOS 12 & Swift App development


Learn iOS 12 and Swift in 30 days. Each day you will learn something new and apply that in a mini projectEach day. Here are few things you will learn:

  • Build an Interface with Labels and Buttons
  • Use functions with buttons
  • Use NSNumberFormatter
  • Unwrapping Optionals
  • Build custom Navigation Bar
  • Use and detect Long Press Gestures
  • Work with multiple actions on one button
  • Write an app in MVC pattern
  • Work with Computed Properties
  • Create a toolbar above the keyboard
  • Set min and max values for Slider
  • Convert Strings to Int / Double and vice versa
  • Handle calculations with formulas written in the Model
  • Enable or disable objects based on if the keyboard is open
  • Get values from the UISlider and convert them to Int for use in the Model
  • Build Custom Table View Controller
  • Work with Nav Bar Buttons
  • Populate Table Rows with local data
  • Work with NSDate and NSDateFormatter
  • Set the current date and time based on the user’s iPhone settings
  • Format the date to the user’s UTC time
  • Refresh date and time
  • Store data in memory before changing views
  • Send stored data from one view to the other
  • Work with Gestures
  • Create Custom Navigation Bars
  • Customize the way Back Buttons are displayed
  • Auto-launch the Keyboard when the View loads
  • Access the Camera Roll from within the App
  • Create Image Picker Controller
  • Handle a selected image in the Camera Roll
  • Control how the image is displayed to prevent stretching
  • Build a custom Table View Controller
  • Create custom Refresh Control
  • Stop refresh animation when data finishes updating
  • Update the table with refreshed local data
  • Remove data from Data Source
  • Delete data from Table Row
  • Animate the item deletion
  • Handle rearranging Table Rows
  • Enable swipe to delete Table Row
  • Create a Model to interact with View Controllers
  • Add data to the Model
  • Update the Table View when the View loads
  • Dismiss the View from the Keyboard Done key
  • Segue to new Views from a Button
  • and much more

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


  • Xcode 10
  • Swift
  • Basics of Programming
  • OSX
  • Macbook

Last updated 2/2019


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