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Are you thinking of starting a career in fitness?

One day you think, this is the best idea ever, the other day you want to skip taking the big step and start a new career?

Or you want to start a career but you have no idea where to start or if you really want to invest into a long course to learn the bits and pieces of starting a career in this very new field?

This mini course is for you!

This is the first step of your future, we will cover 5 main steps of starting a fitness career:

Module 1 – Is being a trainer really for you?

Module 2 – How to get certified

Module 3 – How to get the most out of your teacher’s training

Module 4 – Surviving your first class

Module 5 – Continuing education

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is thinking about becoming a fitness trainer.
  • anyone who wants to learn about life as a personal trainer


  • No, this is a beginner course.


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