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Academic Writing 10 Essential Essays You Should Know


Writing essays can be intimidating. Often, this is because we don’t know what the teacher wants. As a teacher, I understand what that is. Using my experience teaching and tutoring essay writing at various colleges and remembering my experience as a student, I’ll help you find the essay writing success you deserve through learning about each of the 10 most popular academic essays.

Write successful essays by learning:

  • What the teacher may not tell you but still expects
  • How to overcome Writing Anxiety and Writer’s Block
  • How to make the Writing Process Yours

Learn how to develop and organize:

  • With over 12 Brainstorm Strategies
  • Using 3 Outlining Strategies
  • Introduction Paragraphs for all Essays
  • With 5 Attention Getter Strategies
  • Body Paragraph Content for all Essays
  • With 10 Content Support Strategies
  • Conclusion Paragraphs for all Essays
  • With 6 Final Impression Strategies
  • By revising each of the 10 unique essays effectively
  • 10 Unique Academic Essays

…Using color-coated examples that show every step

Practice and Use your writing knowledge with:

  • Over 12 quizzes and 100 quiz questions that use essay writing examples, analysis, key concepts, structure, and revisions.
  • A 57 page downloadable textbook with color-coated guides to all 10 essays with all attention getter, content support, and final impression strategies which includes 5 interactive essay writing activities with color-coated answers/explanations.

Who this course is for:

  • High School or College students who struggle with essay writing or need to prepare for it.
  • Returning college students who need to review essay concepts or who struggle with essay writing.
  • English as Second Language (ESL) students who will write essays in High School or College
  • Anyone intested in learning more about academic essay writing.
  • For the Expressive Essays: those interested in elements of creative writing


  • For ESL students, an IELTS score of 7.5 or above is recommended, but a 6.5 may be sufficient.
  • Basic knowledge of how and what sentences and paragraphs do in an essay

Last updated 8/2016


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