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Learn how to design a website with all the tools and flexibility you need, and then prototype that website so your clients and collaborators can see exactly how it will work. It’s all possible with Adobe XD.This course shows everything you need to know to design your first website with Adobe’s new prototyping app. Learn how to lay out a design, import graphics, and add headers and body copy. See how to create complex screen designs with repeating lists and grids that are as easy to change as they are to create. Then find out how to add new pages and use screen elements from the iOS, Android, and Windows UI kits that are built right into Adobe XD. Once the design is done, author SHAHER YAR shows how to add interactions and transitions to demonstrate how the website will “work” from one screen to the next. Plus, learn how to share a fully interactive prototype with other designers and clients, and export artboards and other assets to use in site development.

Who is the target audience?

  • Everyone who is willing to start career in UI/UX designs.


  • Basic understanding of UI/UX and a PC


Direct Download

Adobe XD: Design a  |  Mirror  [Size: 812.7 MB]

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Download Torrent Mirror


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