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With Real time examples

Created by Testing World
Last updated 6/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Will get expertise in advance unix commands like AWK and SED
  • Will have good knowledge of file processing in Unix
  • Should have basic knowledge of Unix commands
  • Basic understanding of file processing in Unix

Many UNIX utilities generates rows and columns of information. AWK is an excellent tool for processing these rows and columns, and is easier to use AWK than most conventional programming languages. It can be considered to be a pseudo-C interpretor, as it understands the same arithmatic operators as C. AWK also has string manipulation functions, so it can search for particular strings and modify the output. AWK also has associative arrays, which are incredible useful, and is a feature most computing languages lack. Associative arrays can make a complex problem a trivial exercises

Here we cover

Basic to Advance AWK

File Processing using SED

Who is the target audience?
  • Developers and Testing working in Big Data
  • Software Testing working in Back end testing

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