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Advanced Blogger With Sentinel & Laravel 5.5

Advanced Blogger With Full Authentication using Sentinel Package

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Created by Sec Theater
Last updated 12/2017

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Advanced Blogger With Sentinel & Laravel 5.5

What Will I Learn?
  • Full Authentication
  • Create Your Own Blogger
  • How To Approve & CRUD Posts
  • CRUD Comments & Replies
  • Assigning Tags To Posts
  • Using Any pre-defined Separator To Assign Many tags To Posts while creating and editing
  • List Popular Tags
  • CRUD Tags
  • Two Factor Authentication By SMS or Phone Call
  • Email Activation
  • Resetting Password Through Email
  • Resetting Password Through Security Questions
  • Upgrading & Downgrading Users
  • Listing Online Users
  • View Your own profile & update it
  • View Other’s profile
Curriculum For This Course


46 Lectures


Why Should you take this course ?


Your First Steps

1 Lecture10:58

Login & Register Handling

4 Lectures40:03

Diving Into Sentinel Deeper

2 Lectures21:33

User Authorization

3 Lectures26:26

Email Activation

2 Lectures21:43

Resetting Users Password

5 Lectures55:37

Remembering Users

1 Lecture04:50

Changing User Password

1 Lecture11:16

User Privileges Handling

3 Lectures33:27

Online Users Handling

2 Lectures21:36

Comments Handling

3 Lectures43:09

Reply Handling

2 Lectures26:27

Tags Handling

6 Lectures01:13:59

Creating Blogger

3 Lectures54:27

User Profile Handling

2 Lectures32:40

User Middleware

1 Lecture06:20

Accessors & Mutators

1 Lecture08:02

Refactoring Links

1 Lecture09:09


1 Lecture24:24

Refactoring Project Infrastructure

1 Lecture09:24
  • laravel basics
  • php 7
  • basic syntax of oop

If you’re ready to take your web development skills to the next level, then you have come to the right place!

In this course we’ll learn Laravel 5.5 by building an advanced blogger , we will be using Sentinel to control all of the authentication process. This course is using a project driven approach to learn Laravel and here what we’ll learn in this course. Learn how to setup application layout . Display all published posts with pagination – Show the blog post with SEO friendly url, show the users’s profile , user’s posts ,and update your profile as well.  Display the tags that assigned to the posts ,assign multiple tags to one post and display popular tags . you will learn how to assign posts /comment/reply likes,approve posts ,edit and delete posts ,comments and replies -listing archives at the sidebar by using composer-reset users password using email or security question -change users password -two factor authentication -users and admin middle wares   -users’ account activation –

In this course you’ll learn about database migration, eloquent relationship, route model binding and much more.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for students already familiar with the basics of HTML, PHP and have basic understanding of MVC and want to level up their development skills by building real life project
  • This course is ideal for students who has basic of Laravel or other MVC Framework
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people who are new to Laravel or do not have much experience with it and like learning through doing a project

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