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Affiliate Marketing - Psychology Behind YouTube Viral Videos


Video is the most powerful form of advertising.

It allows consumers to see and understand products before hitting the purchase button, and as visual creatures, we can’t help but watch a well-made, captivating video.

Just think about it — video has only been around for about a century, but now it’s everywhere.

It only makes sense for us to discuss affiliate marketing on YouTube.

According to 2014 study, People are exposed to about 360 advertisements per day, and we register some 150 of those.

That’s a lot of Ads, and companies are desperate to get us to notice theirs.

Companies have put so much strategy and research into reaching us with their marketing that you can tell a lot about a given time period through the ads of that era.

Ads might even say more about our collective psyche and societal norms than traditional art and entertainment.

( Seriously, go watch some Folgers commercials from the 1950’s)

But how these ads originate, how they reach us, and how we interact with them once they do is just as telling.

Until fairly recently, most online Ads were interruptions and distractions, obstacles to the entertainment we were seeking out in the form of forced pre-roll Ads or webpage overlays.

These days we have increased expectations for advertisements.

Now, we expect advertisers to add culture, not put up speed bumps within it.

And that’s something a lot of businesses have to try to reconcile.

Companies of all sizes have to think differently about how to capture our attention.

They have to assess our roles as individuals who watch, react to, and even help spread the messages.

To reach customer is one thing, but to meaningfully interact is something else.

Who this course is for:

  • Affiliate marketers


  • be willing to learn and apply knowledge in your business

Last updated 7/2019


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