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Amazon EC2 Master Class

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طلب كورس

Amazon EC2 Master Class


Amazon EC2 Super Master Class – EC2 Bible is the best course on EC2. It covers all basic and advanced topics with realtime examples. Course is created by AWS engineers who supported thousands of EC2 instances in production environment

> Learn EC2 instance types , AMI relatime examples : Elasticsearch AMI , webservers AMI

> Use Terraform to launch ec2 instances with realtime examples

> Understand EBS and instance store in depth. Incremental nature of snapshots explained with detailed illustration

> Learn how to use AWS CLI : ec2 run instances , ec2 describe instances and other realtime use cases

> Learn how to use  Application Load Balancer , Classic Load Balancer

> Understand autoscaling groups and policies

> Use EC2 Systems manager in production to manage hundreds of instances – Run instance feature , inventory feature explained with examples

Note: This course is Linux based mostly (not windows focused)

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to learn EC2
  • Preparation for AWS Solution architect course
  • Devops to learn AWS EC2 CLI , Systems manager
  • AWS engineers who want to learn EC2 advanced concepts : systems manager , elasticsearch AMI , EBS snapshots , Spot instance management , CLI commands


  • Basic AWS knowledge
  • Need AWS account to practice demos
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Internet access

Last updated 6/2018


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