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Android Daily Shopping List App Using Firebase(Project base)


Welcome to this Android  (Daily Shopping List App) Project Base App Development Course.In This Android Course Students Will Learn How to complete a Real World Android App Using Firebase Database.

You Will Learn Many Android Feature When you will develop this Android App.Here is Some List That You Are Going To Learn When you will Complete This Course:

  1. Android Complex UI Layout Design
  2. A Complete Android App Project
  3. Android RecyclerView
  4. Android Firebase CRUD Operation
  5. Android Firebase Authentication
  6. Android Firebase Query

You Will Learn:

  • How To Become an Android App Developer.
  • How To Develop A Complete Android App.
  • You Will Have A Good Project On your Profile that you can add on your CV When you Will Apply For Your Job.
  • After Complete This Course You Can Upload This App On Google Play store.
  • You Will Learn About Android Firebase From Basics To Advanced.
  • You Will Build a Complex Android App.

Nowadays Android is a hot topic for IT Sector.Their is many job Sector is open for Android App Developer.Even You can also Work as a Freelancer Android App Developer From All around the world. So, When you will apply for an Android job they will ask you about your previous android project that you have  completed. So, That time you can show them this complete project. In this Daily Shopping List App You Will Learn How to develop Android App Using Firebase. So its a plus point that you are developing A Complete Android App Using Firebase Database.

In This Course You Are Learning Android Firebase Database that is developed by Google. Firebase is now hot topic for developing android and ios app. Many Company and client are using Firebase Database for their Android Project. So, We All need to have  Work Experience on this Android Firebase. In This Course You Will Learn How to Work with Android Firebase. Even We Are developing this Dailyshopping List App Using Firebase. So After Complete This Course You Will Have A Complete app that you used Firebase. And You Will learn how to Work it from Basics.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone can take This course Who is want to become an Android Apps Developer
  • Who is want to improve their Android Development Skills
  • Who is Want to Develop A Complete Android App
  • Who is Want to do a Complete Project and Want to add it on Their Profile
  • Who is Want to Learn About Firebase Database
  • Who is Want to Develop A Complete Android App Using Firebase Database


  • A Windows Computer, Mac or Linux PC
  • Use of Android Studio
  • No Programming Experience is required I Will Teach You Everything That you need to Develop A Complete Android App
  • Basics of Java Programming Language

Last updated 2/2019


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