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Explore how easy it is to add additional functionality to the Google Suite of products. With just one function and a line of code you can extend your form submission to trigger an email response to the user submitting the Google Form.  Track all the responses within a spreadsheet and then use that data for additional marketing and or a whole lot more. Its easy, if you know JavaScript you can write Google Script!!!!! Source code is included so you to can setup these functions within your Google Forms and Spreadsheets.   Copy and paste the code from the course to make things happen.  Try it for yourself you will be amazed at how easy it is to add more dynamic functionality to your Google products.  This course is designed for beginners to follow our step by step lessons to create the same functionality demonstrated within the course.  Even if you are not a coder you can easily copy the code as its explained within the lessons what each statement does.  If you know HTML and CSS you can extend the code provided within the lessons for the email templates.

Google script is the best way to automate your Google Suite, and best of all its FREE and EASY to use  All you need is a Google account to get started, the IDE and everything you need is in the cloud.

Apps Script allow you to power up your favorite Google apps and do more with them, way more.

Automate, add functionality, use spreadsheet data, create documents, interact with emails, generate reports, use data the list is endless on all the amazing things you can do with Google Apps Script.

Lessons explore how you too can 

  • Setup a Google Form
  • Connect the form to deposit the information into a Spreadsheet
  • Add a trigger to do something when the form is submitted
  • Create a function to send an email
  • Create an email template that uses HTML and CSS
  • Replace template data with data from your spreadsheet
  • Automate the whole process with Triggers
  • Send regular emails to the subscribers
  • Get and use data from the form submission to do stuff
  • Source Code included
  • Taught by an instructor with 18 years of experience.
  • Step by step training lessons

This course covers everything you need to learn how to setup your own version of this application and get started using Google Script.  Along with friendly support in the Q&A to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.

Try it now you have nothing to lose, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Taught by a knowledge instructor with many years of web development experience, ready to help you learn.

Join now and create your own Google Scripts Apps see what is possible.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to create amazing things using Google Scripts
  • JavaScript developers who want to empower Google suite of products
  • Web developers who want to incorporate Google Script functionality
  • App Script Google Script developers
  • Anyone who wants to send an email response and track Google Form Data


  • JavaScript and basic HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Internet Access
  • Google Account
  • Basic Web development understanding


Direct Download

Apps Script Form Data Handler Exercise Google Form  |  Mirror  [Size: 406.4 MB]

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Download Torrent  |  Mirror


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