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Arduino, IT & Software

Arduino Zero to Hero

Written by Curss Curss

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Arduino is an open-source microcontroller used for building electronics projects. Since it arrived on the scent, Arduino completely revolutionized DIY electronics, making it possible for artists, teenagers and hobbyists to create a vast array of projects which interact with people and the environment.

This course is a product of my 5 years of playing and teaching with Arduino’s. The learning sequence of

Sections 1-3 introduce Arduino and build student confidence by first learning how to just build circuits and afterwards how to write programs.

Section 4 teaches the fundamentals of analog circuits and applies those to sound sensors, temperature sensors, light mixers and musical instruments.

Section 5 takes on digital circuits, starting with button inputs being used to create sound effects, memory games, guessing games with a 7 segment display and measure human reaction time.

Section 6 is all about installing and using sensor libraries with Gyro Accelerometer Circuits and Remote Control Circuits.

Section 7 Wraps up the course with some spectacular visualizations of sensor outputs using a software called Processing.

Who is the target audience?

  • Ambitious beginners who want to master Arduino.
  • Intermediate coders, electronics enthusiasts who wand to expand their repetoire
  • Teachers and educators looking for a systematic step by step way to learn Arduino


  • You should have access to an Arduino Prototyping kit
  • You should have admin access to a Mac or a PC so you can install the Arduino Software


Direct Download

Arduino Zero to  |  Mirror  [Size: 2.2 GB]

Download Torrent (Please seed after downloading)

Download Torrent  |  Mirror


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