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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Exam- Guide


In this course, we would explore Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services.  We would explore AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Exam that one can take, exploring the learning path.

We would also explore how we can prepare for this aws certification, what are the services covered, exam pattern, weight-age, syllabus, etc

This course is generally for aws certification aspirants providing them all the necessary information regarding developer certification useful in different domains before taking actual exam, in a manner to maximise the benefits of certification and chances of being certified.

We would explore wide range of AWS services with theoretical lectures and practical demonstration including following Developer tools useful for DevOps-

Cloud9, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodeStar, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in making a career in cloud computing.
  • Anyone who may take AWS DevOps Certification Exam and would be preparing for it.
  • Anyone who is simple interested in learning and testing Amazon Web Services Platform or any developer willing to develop his/her application over Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services.


  • No prerequisites at all. You just need a little experience of doing GOOGLE search only ! But if u are aware of some cloud based or web development tools and technologies, it is helpful.

Last updated 4/2019


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