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As you all know Amazon Web Services is one of the heavily used cloud platforms and it is really important to understand the key services and most heavily used services in AWS, one such service is Simple Notification Service. This service is pretty much tied to every AWS service like for example Autoscaling, cloudwatch, sqs and many more and it adds a great value to the AWS Services. Not only in AWS Ecosystem, SNS can be leveraged outside the AWS Ecosystem by using the aws creds. This allows may use cases like sending exception messages from application or sending critical information which helps you maintain your applications in a better way. With these broad use cases it is really important to understand SNS in and out to be able to better put to use. SNS Offers a lot of value to both the Developers as well as Administrators.

This course covers a lot of hands on labs to get you an in depth understanding of AWS SNS and you do not require any prior knowledge of using AWS.

By the end of the course students can take away a complete understanding of SNS as well as develops a lot of ideas to leverage SNS in their applications or administrative practices.

I really hope that you will join the course and benefit from it.

Who is the target audience?

  • AWS Developers
  • AWS Administrators
  • Cloud Enthusiast
  • Web Developers / Mobile Application Developers


  • AWS Account, Windows/Mac/Linux, No Prior AWS Knowledge required


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