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Best complete course on Linux Bash scripting and command line

Created by Shakil khan
Last updated 6/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn many Linux commands which can only be learnt over a period of time without guidance. The combination of commands and creating structural code with conditional statement would make a shell script powerful and would help student in automating the things.
  • Automate stuff using shell script
  • Write complex Bash shell script
  • Very detail and in depth understanding of shell commands
  • This course caters to beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Student needs to be familiar with the concept of Computer and Operating system.
  • Any prior working knowledge of programming language would help, however it is not at all necessary.

Bash Shell scripting is a very detailed approach to make a student familiar with the concept of Bash programming and also grooming the student in various field in terms of commands, analysis, debugging with the help of Live examples and hands on. These examples are downloadable.

Helps to solve interview question

Automate the boring stuff with shell scripts

Built an expertise in Linux command line

Understand system internals and boot process

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone one who is interested in learning Linux/Unix, Shell programming and linux commands is a gateway to becoming successful Unix/Linux Programmer.

Size: 1.27G

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