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Basic Concepts of Web Development, HTTP and Java Servlets

The basics you must be knowing while coding good web applications. Not only for Java guys, but for any web developer.

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Created by Sanjay Patel
Last updated 2/2016

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Basic Concepts of Web Development, HTTP and Java Servlets

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you will be feeling at home with the basics of web development, and feel confident while taking another course or doing web development.
Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures




The Basics of Web Applications and the HTTP Protocol

4 Lectures36:22

Developing Web Applications using Java Servlets

2 Lectures14:12

Where to go from here

3 Lectures04:25
  • The only requirement for this course is your willingness to know about or learn the fundamental concepts of web development.

This course presents the basic concepts of web application development, the HTTP protocol and introduces Java Servlets, in less than an hour. This is not a hands-on course, neither is this a full course on web development or Servlet and JSP.

So, why this course, and how you will benefit from it?

If you are interested to know about or learn web development, then this course will work as a first step for you. It will introduce you to the basic concepts of web development that we generally overlook while starting to learn web development. After enjoying the whiteboard narrations here, you will feel at home while taking your favourite hands-on course on web development.

If you already are a web developer, but yet to feel confident about it, you might find this course quite useful in strengthening your concepts. When learning web development, most of us overlook the concepts and move quickly to hands-on and to projects. And then we keep coding with a lower confidence until we learn the concepts by experience. So, give less than an hour here, and then see how coding web applications become more interesting.

If you are a non-technical or semi-technical project manager, dealing with web based projects, this course could be very useful in introducing you to the subject you deal with, and you would feel more at home with your programmers.

Let me tell you that this course is not only for Java guys, but actually the first half of it, in which we discuss the web application basics and the HTTP protocol is equally beneficial to guys from other technologies, for example PHP as well.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any programmer willing to know more about or learn web development will find this course very useful to be taken as a first course, before they take a hands-on course.
  • Any web developer, not yet confident, will find the concepts explained here helping him become confident.
  • An amateur web developer, after taking this course, will find web development easy and interesting.
  • Any non-technical or semi-technical guy willing to know about web development will find this course quite useful.





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