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Become an IntelliJ IDEA guru

Learn to master the best Java IDE and write your code almost with your eyes closed!

4.0 (37 ratings)

320 students enrolled
Created by Stijn De Mulder
Last updated 10/2017
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Become an IntelliJ IDEA guru

What Will I Learn?
  • Guidance with the installation of Java and IntelliJ.
  • A complete tour in the different IntelliJ windows and how to access/use them efficiently.

  • Simple and advanced code editing tricks, each one provided with its shortcut(s). Small quizzes and exercises will help you get at ease with the presented functionality.

  • Let IntelliJ help you with different types of Java code refactorings.
  • Easily find quirks in your code by efficiently running and debugging the programs you write.
  • Seamlessly integrate your projects through IntelliJ in a source control system like GIT.
Curriculum For This Course
80 Lectures




Setup IntelliJ

5 Lectures11:11

Introduction to IntelliJ

11 Lectures17:08

Code editing

28 Lectures46:39


15 Lectures23:42

Run & Debug

9 Lectures24:09

Version Control

11 Lectures26:47
  • Limited Java knowledge
  • A Mac/Windows computer with or without IntelliJ installation


Do you care about writing great Java software? Do you want to write perfect code and hunt down bugs like a pro?

If your answer is yes, then this course about IntelliJ is perfect for you: you’ll learn everything there is to know about IntelliJ and how it helps you become productive in every aspect of the development process.

This includes:

  • Write code faster using auto complete and smart complete
  • Quickly find and replace text across all your files
  • Navigate your codebase like your backpocket
  • Build and run Java programs from within IntelliJ (no need to go to the command line)
  • Powerful editing with the multi-cursor
  • Work with tabs to organize your files
  • Integrate your projects easily with a version control system
  • Add plugins for specific framework support (Spring, …)
  • And much more

Think about it, the tool you depend on for writing Java applications will make or break your development experience. Therefore it’s only logical to invest some time in mastering the tools you’ll so heavily depend on.

Moreover IntelliJ is a perfect fit for other languages than Java as well. And it has proven to be a mature and evolutive tool, from developers and for developers!!

Who is the target audience?
  • Any software engineer wanting to use the best IDE there is on the market
  • Programmers intending to speed up their developments





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