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This 3-hour hands-on course is all about learning by doing. You’ll create an actual website using Vue.js and Firebase Database, and publish it for free with Firebase Hosting. Export data from Excel and flat files to JSON and Firebase databases. Send data from a website URL query string to filter Firebase data. Make the site fully responsive with a few lines of code. Use your own custom domain or subdmain for your Firebase site, with https security. A great way to enter the modern world of Node.js development in a practical, hands-on way that will really help make the knowledge stick.

Who is the target audience?

  • You have some experience with writing HTML and CSS code already.
  • You want hands-on experience with Node js, Vue js 2, and Firebase
  • You want to use Firebase’s free https web hosting
  • You want to use a custom domain name or subdomain with Firebase hosting
  • You want to filter Firebase Database data by sending data from a query string in the browser’s Address bar.
  • You like the idea of starting with a 3-hour hands-on course where you build something usefull


  • You should have experience writing HTML and CSS code.
  • You should have experience using a code editor (I’ll be using VS Code)


Direct Download

Beginner Firebase and  |  Mirror  [Size: 530.4 MB]

Download Torrent (Please seed after downloading)

Download Torrent  |  Mirror


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