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Brief Introduction to Game Design

The truth about what game design is, what you need to be good at it, and how to start out. No dreams, just facts.
3.6 (66 ratings)

3,725 students enrolled
Created by Lewis Pulsipher
Last updated 12/2017
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Brief Introduction to Game Design

What Will I Learn?
  • The general goal is to realistically understand the nature of professional game design
  • Understand what game design is and isn’t
  • Know the best ways to learn how to design games
  • Recognize that there’s nothing magical about game design
  • Understand why you won’t get rich in game design
  • Understand that being an expert game player has nothing to do with game design
  • Basic familiarity with games

This is a brief introduction to game design by Dr. Lewis Pulsipher (see Wikipedia), designer of several published games (e.g. Britannia), retired teacher (computer networking, later game design and game production), and author of the 2012 book “Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish” (McFarland).

A much longer and more comprehensive course (“Learning Game Design”) is also available on Udemy.

(This course was free in 2013; it has not been free since then.)

Comment from LinkedIn:

“Fantastic course, Dr. Pulsipher. I’m in school for Game Dev (which, of course, does involve programming), and while my last instructor is a veteran in the field, the textbook didn’t emphasize the required aptitude for Game Design. This one nails it without sugarcoating it.” By Michael Thompson

A recent reviewer (Santiago Eximeno) gave the course 3 stars, so I asked him what I could do to improve it. He said:

“Your course is fabulous. I have given it 3 stars because it’s a first step. I really enjoy contents but, as its name says, it’s an introduction to game design and I think that a wannabe game designer must continue studying and working on it.

So I don’t think that you must improve this course, it’s just that for me is a first step and for that I have given it a 3 stars rate.

I’m sure that “Learning Game Design: as a job or a hobby” (I have starting it now) will be great . . .”

And it’s certainly true that this course is only a start.

Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring game designers, whether video or tabletop

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