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CRUD Application: You will learn how to build a complete crud application with step by step guide

Created by Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi
Last updated 2/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to build a fully functional CRUD application.
  • Create custom client-side validations with Jquery for sign up and login forms.
  • Create custom server-side validations with PHP for sign up and login forms.
  • Use swiftmailer to send emails to users for verification after sign up.
  • Implement password reset functionality.
  • Create your own simple admin dashboard.
  • Use google charts to display data.
  • Add, read, update and delete data from MYSQL database.
  • Hash users password with a PHP hashing algorithm.
  • Implement search and confirm password functionalities.
  • A text editor of your choice (But we will go through downloading and installing brackets text editor if you want to use something different.
  • XAMPP software
  • Basic HTML/CSS: Tags, forms, buttons, inputs
  • Basic PHP/MYSQL: Things like variables, conditional statements, loops

Most applications are CRUD based, that is, users can create data, retrieve data, update and delete data from such applications. As an experienced or a new developer, knowing how these works is important. This course is a guide to showing you how CRUD applications are built with PHP/MYSQL. You’ll use

  • HTML: to structure our pages
  • CSS: to add basic styling
  • Bootstrap: to also structure and add styles
  • JQuery: to validate forms fields and sending data to be processed using PHP
  • PHP: to validate form fields from the server side and send users data to and from database
  • MYSQL: database to hold user information
  • Swiftmailer: to send mails to user

Some Main Features:.

  • Registration and login forms validation on client-side and server-side.
  • Email verification after user sign up.
  • Password recovery/reset functionality.
  • Password hashing with PHP password hashing algorithm.
  • Search functionality
  • Update user data
  • Admin dashboard
  • Graphical display of data
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to level up php skills and learn something new

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