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Build A Web App With Spring Framework and Angular 2

Written by sRT*

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Build A Web App With Spring Framework and Angular 2


Welcome to my course of Angular 2 and Spring integration. This course is based on my previous course – Fundamentals of Angular 2 Full Stack Design, whose target is to know the basics and features of Angular 2. There is also a photo sharing web app called – Lagoon, was developed as an example to show how to approach front-end design using angular 2. Now, in this course, we will be leveraging that projectand start to develop the back-end using Spring Boot and Spring Data. If you haven’t taken that Angular 2 course, or you don’t have any Angular 2 knowledge, I would suggest go ahead and do that first. I cut out some stuff but focus more on the basics so that you can get started quickly.

In this course, we will use Angular 2 to build the front-end and Spring Boot as back-end, specifically with REST services, which fits more in the modern trend. Regarding the content, we will first have an overview on the project architecture. Then, we will go through two “hello world” type demo – one for Angular 2 and the other for Spring Boot. After that we will go back and forth between front-end and back-end to build the nuts and bolts of the project.

Features in this course:

  • Angular 2 – most recent front-end framework
  • Spring Boot – develop app first with spring framework
  • Spring Boot Data – interact with database in an efficient manner
  • Token-based verification – cookie-based has some drawbacks and the trend is to use token-based verification
  • REST service – A modern design approach for full stack
  • Eclipse – We will use Eclipse in this course as our IDE for back-end development

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Angular 2 integration with backend


  • Some knowledge on Angular 2, Java and Spring framework

Last updated 12/2016


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