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Learn the most ADVANCED RESPONSIVE FrontEnd framework in the world, building 5 real world project from start to finish

Created by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez
Last updated 8/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Create 5 different and Great Projects with Foundation for Sites
  • New XY Grid videos just added, a powerful grid built on Flexbox
  • More Than 20 Photoshop Designs Included (which we will Convert into Web pages)
  • This Course covers the creation of 2 WordPress themes with Foundation 6
  • Learn the Mixins included in the framework that will speed up your web design process!
  • Create AMAZING full featured Responsive Websites with the most POWERFUL Front End Framework
  • Learn the Most Advanced Responsive Web Design Framework in the world, ZURB Foundation 5 and 6
  • Learn about Foundation 5 & 6 Components for adding complex functionality and eye catching User Interfaces to your websites
  • Learn how to customize the looking of your website with SASS, Mixins and Variables
  • Learn by building 4 Real World Projects from start to finish
  • Are you ready to learn the most advanced Front End Responsive Framework?
  • We will install some tools needed for this Course such as NodeJS, NPM, Git & Gulp
  • You will need a Text Editor, i’m gonna be Using Sublime Text and Atom (both are free)
  • Foundation Is really Powerful, also really easy to learn, this course provides several examples and different projects


Course updated to version 6.4 of the framework and 68 new videos, also new XY Grid Videos just added, plus a complete Project (A Coffee Shop Website) completely done with the XY Grid and Flexbox!

Everything done with the ZURB Template, you will love this update and we’re building a really beautiful responsive website.


I have added 48 new videos, where i’m gonna show you how to take the static HTML website into a WordPress Theme


I have Added 52 new Videos where you will learn how to develop a WordPress Theme using Foundation 6, Underscores,  Gulp & SASS.


I have added 36 new videos where you will Learn the new Flex Grid, ZURB Template, Panini, Handlebars, and much more!

If you wanna build AMAZING websites that look great in smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and TV`s, you have to make your website RESPONSIVE.

In this course you will be able to build 4 Websites from Start to Finish, adding more complexity,  functionality and different versions of Foundation.

We’ll Build 4 AMAZING PROJECTS, Two Websites for a Hotel, a Single Page Website for an Online Store and an AMAZING WORDPRESS THEME.

Foundation is the most advanced Responsive Web Design framework in the WORLD! and in this Course you will LEARN EVERYTHING you need to know to start DEVELOPING amazing RESPONSIVE WEBSITES.

You will Learn the newest version FOUNDATION 6 with SASS, Foundation 6 is powerful and the syntax is really easy. Also you will learn version 5.

You WILL LEARN ZURB Foundation 6 in this course, and we´re gonna learn it with his best friend SASS!

SASS is a really powerful CSS preprocessor and we´re gonna be using Mixins, extending classes, so you can really take advantage of the most powerful features of Foundation 6 and SASS.

Responsive Web Design is HOT, SASS and Foundation 6 are the best tools that you can choose to start building websites right away.

Who is the target audience?
  • If you´re the kind of person who learn best by building real world projects, this course is for you
  • If you´re learning Responsive Web Design, you can´t go wrong with Foundation for Sites!
  • If you´re trying to learn a CSS preprocessor, SASS is the way to go, you will learn Mixins too!
  • If you want to speed up your workflow: SASS & Foundation are the perfect combination
  • Are you looking for the BEST Foundation & SASS COURSE on the internet? this is for you!
  • Learn the most advanced Grid system in the world by building 5 different projects!

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