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Build a complete Side-Scroller Game with GameMaker: Studio

In this complete Intro course, we learn the entire process of building a side-scrolling shooter from start to finish!
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619 students enrolled
Created by 3dmotive LLC
Last updated 9/2016
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Build a complete Side-Scroller Game with GameMaker: Studio

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to build a side-scroller shooter game from start to finish
  • Learn all the basics of GameMaker: Studio to get you started making your own games
  • Use GameMaker: Studio to build and deploy your own games to iOS, Windows, or other mobile platforms
  • GameMaker: Studio – Available from YoYogames for Free! –

In this complete Intro to GameMaker: Studio Course, instructor Alan Thorn takes us through the entire process of building an old-school, side-scrolling shooter game from start to finish! We’ll cover everything you need from the ground up – all the way from first opening the software to deploying the game for iOS, Windows, or other mobile platforms! If you love retro, old-school video games, or are just interested in learning how to make your own, this course is for you!

(Students – please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the source files associated with the lesson.)

More about the Instructor:

Alan Thorn is a game developer, author and educator with 15 years industry experience. He makes games for PC desktop, Mobile and VR. He founded ‘Wax Lyrical Games’ and created the award-winning game ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’, working as designer, programmer and artist. He has written sixteen technical books on game development and presented ten video training courses, covering game-play programming, Unity development, and 3D modelling. He has worked in game development education as a visiting lecturer for the ‘National Film and Television School’, as a Lead Teacher for ‘Uppingham School’, and is currently a Senior Lecturer at ‘Teesside University’ where he helps students develop the skills needed for their ideal role in the games industry.

Who is the target audience?
  • Absolute beginners who love making games
  • Anyone who has an interest in learning about how to make mobile games

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