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Building a Serverless AWS lambda API on AWS in java

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Written by Curss Curss

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طلب كورس


Building a Serverless AWS lambda API on AWS  in java is a great way to get started to develop applications on the AWS lambda platform that scale without the hassle of managing servers.

This course is intended for every Java developer that wants to be able to build a productive serverless API within a few hours, using aws lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

The Amazon aws cloud platform offers a lot of amazing services.

However, each one of those services has a learning curve, and it can cost a lot of time become productive with any of these services just by reading the developer guides and taking the Trial and Error approach.

In this course you’ll learn how to write and deploy a aws lambda functions and how to create an AWS API Gateway endpoint to use that AWS lambda function.

At the end of the course you’ll learn to  create a production ready webservice on the Amazon Web Services platform that can be used to resize any image on the fly.

We discuss all of the aws-lambda configuration options, how to configure the IAM (AWS Identity and access Management) to give your aws lambda function access to Amazon Web Services such as AWS s3, AWS Cloudwatch, … and we’ll configure AWS API Gateway to create a REST api endpoint for our serverlessaws lambda function.

Overview of the Course

  • Introduction to AWS Lambda
  • Tools and accounts needed to develop aws lambda functions in Java
  • AWS lambda Course Overview
  • Setting up the  AWS Lambda Project in the IDE
  • Implementing the AWS Lambda Function
  • Quiz : Java concepts for AWS lambda functions
  • Deploying the AWS Lambda Function on AWS
  • Quiz : Creating a AWS Lambda serverless function
  • Set up AWS Identity and Access Management IAM permissions
  • Direct Java Call to an AWS Lambda function
  • API gateway Call to an AWS Lambda function
  • Calling an AWS Lambda function from other AWS Services
  • A dynamic image resizer using Amazon Web Services
  • Creating an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket to store resized images
  • Setting up the project and creating the input class
  • The Resizer Class Design
  • The Resizer Class
  • The createUrl Method
  • The readImage method
  • Tying it all together
  • Deploying the AWS Lambda Function on Amazon Web Services
  • Creating the API on Amazon API Gateway
  • Testing the API on AWS API Gateway

Who is the target audience?

  • Java developers that want to write serverless code


  • You should have some experience with java
  • You should have internet access, and be able to install software on your pc
  • Having some familiarity with Amazon AWS is a plus, but not absolutely necessary.


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