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C# Basics : For Absolute Beginners

Written by sRT*

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C# Basics For Absolute Beginners


My videos are short and to the point. I will not waste any time teaching you complex concepts you would forget shortly after.

We will start off with the basics and linearly progress through the concepts presented in object oriented programming.

We will develop an incredibly strong foundation focusing on the core concepts that C# has to offer.

My course is divided into subjects. Each subject focuses on a single aspect of the C# language. At the end of each subjects tutorial videos will be a quiz. This quiz is used to gauge the students comprehension of the material. After the quiz, a project is presented. This project helps the student apply what they learned to practical applications, re affirming the knowledge they have gained.

Once all these subjects are completed, the course ends with a plethora of projects to work on that encapsulate the topics learned throughout the entire course. Each project will have my own interpretation of an answer, where I thoroughly explain the logic behind the code.

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in learning how to program but don’t know where to start.


  • There are no coding prerequisites for this course. It is designed for absolute beginners.

Last updated 4/2019


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