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This course teaches how to hack and secure PHP. Owasp top10(A1 to A10) for PHP.

Created by Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation Pte Ltd
Last updated 1/2015
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to Hack and Write Secure PHP code
  • Learn the OWASP Top10 Methodology A1 – A10
  • Apply the above OWASP Top10 methodology on PHP programming
  • basic programming in PHP
  • web based programming language

This course teaches the programmers on how to exploit(hack) and defend against various attacks on PHP language. The course is designed around OWASP Top10 which is common standard which is used in design, architecture, testing of web applications.

The course contains video/audio lectures. It has Theory on PHP programming(Exploit, Defense) . It also has Demos of exploitation and Defense. It gives students practical insight into coding web application in PHP securely.

We recommend students to study the course over a period of 15 days and attempt the quiz at the end of the period. we also recommend students to study various resource material available on the internet in various forums including OWASP official website.

The course is structured according to OWASP Top 10 from A1 to A10. In each of the OWASP Top10 sessions we have categorized presentation, exploitation, defense.

Any programmer who is programming in PHP, should take this course. Secure PHP programmers are prefered by organisations across the globe.

Who is the target audience?
  • Programmers who code in PHP
  • Design Engineers, Architects who design or architecture for PHP based programs
  • Security testers and Functional testers who test PHP based programs

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