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The Atomic Build from the Misfit Team is one of the best Builds out there with an adult sextion, hahaha. Jeremy Martin and the Team from Misfit Mods are some of the best when it comes to reliable and really spot on builds. In this video I will show you this build in a very detailed instructional video. I will follow up with showing you how to download and install and adding some extra oommph to it. So don’t delay, download this build today and enjoy……Want to Join the Kodi POSSE?…Here is a link for you guys and gals requesting a donation link: Source: is the Real Debrid Website, such a great (amazing and cheap svc)Whats up My Kodi Posse? If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk, contact me with the ways below:facebook messengercomment [email protected] You Guys…….


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