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CISSP Master Class : Become a CISSP Today! | Domain 1 , 2018

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This is the Official CISSP Training Course by PHMC | SECURITIES. Do you want to pass CISSP Exam without doing a lot of hard work ?I know you may want to pass this exam in just one go as it is not cheap, but 70% people will fail!The Reason is that you rely on your existing knowledge and think this is very basic stuff, however when you sit in exam, It is very TrickyThere is a Reason that (ISC)2 is asking for 5 Years Experience Requirement…
You need to know in-depth, Well not from the view of Technical but as a Manager, and Practical Examples are he best way to do so

I will make sure that you start thinking like (ISC)2 and once you do so, You can crack their Questions Besides the fact you know the answer or not!
More than 16000 Students say that My Teaching Styles are Unique and Effective But…
Don’t believe them or even me
Try it yourself, This CISSP Master Class covers you with a 30 Day’s Money Back Guarantee

Some Topics we will cover in this course are :-

  • AIC and IAAA in Detail
  • U.S. and European Laws
  • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
  • Risk Analysis with Practical
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Business Impact Analysis with Practical
  • Asset Evaluation and Risk Mitigation with Practical
  • and a lot much more…


Please note that it is Domain 1 of CISSP Exam and isBased on Latest 2018 Syllabus

People ask me Don’t you think One Domain for $200 is little Expensive?
Let’s do a Calculation..
If you take some other course on some other platform and you give Exam and fail once, then your Exam cost will be = $1400
+ Books + Question Banks + Traveling Expenses will total come to be somewhere $3000 and still no 100% chances to get the Certificate and moreover, Cracking the Interviews and Getting a Job!

You get an average $86,000 per year Salary after this Certification which is more than 40 Times of what you are Investing!

Additional Resources you will get with this course:

  1. Books
  2. Question Banks
  3. Sunflower Study Guide
  4. Mind Maps
  5. Live Chat Support ( 4 PM to 6 PM IST )
  6. 4 Hours Email Support from PHMC | SECURITIES
  7. and more Resources are added frequently

I know it is Hard to Decide between those courses who offer all 8 Domains in One Course and this Course which is only 1 Domain in one Course, after all it’s your hard earned money But Believe me, Quality Matters!

Who is the target audience?

  • anyone who wants to pass CISSP exam in one go
  • anyone who wants to make a great carrier in Information Security
  • anyone who wants a magement post with an a.c. cabin in Information Security Field
  • anyone who is looking for $86000+ salary certification in Information Security


  • All Pre-Requsite are already included in this course


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