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In this colour program

Discover how:

  • The law of attraction can impact your life
  • How colors interact with you and your live
  • How you can make colors and the law of attraction can work for you

What would you be if you knew your colors?

About Moira

She was born in South Africa. There Moira studied business, marketing and facilitation; specializing in developing training programs for entrepreneurs and community projects. She also studied drama; acting, writing and is an award winning author and director.

In 2002 Moira moved to England where she worked with an organization that helped women and refugees to get off the welfare system and into self-employment.

Moira works with the South Africa Colour Mirrors system of colour analysis as her tool for business, financial and personal transformation. She has helped to establish international centres of colour training and product distribution, and creates powerful teams of highly specialized Colour Entrepreneurs.

Moira educates and empowers through Live Events, On-Line Courses, Boot Camps, Master Retreats, Colour Conferences and Mentoring Programs.

Dwayne Richards

Dwayne is a people-focused operations professional who has worked for both multi-national and privately owned Canadian corporations in 5 different industries over the past 15 years. Dwayne is a Chartered Professional Accountant who values authentic business relationships and clear communication.

He is constantly tracking and assessing sales, marketing, and financial tools in the interest of automating operations, so that entrepreneurs have more time to do what they love.

His “why” is to alleviate the stress and anxiety around managing money and keeping up with current technology that helps us:

  1. build our relationships
  2. strengthen our brand
  3. increase our bottom line
  4. lower our stress


Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in how colour impacts our lives
  • Those who need to or want to help themselves better understand how colour impacts our lives
  • Use colors with more insights into how it impacts us


  • An open mind to learn
  • You want to understand more about how colors shape our lives
  • Willingness to think & act on what Moira and Dwayne shares to get started
  • Ask questions


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