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guide how do maintenance on your PC without any needed skills, course for everyone !!

Created by Kamil Vizy
Last updated 10/2016
What Will I Learn?
  • do maintenance pc at home and don’t need spend money and time to carrying to pc service
  • do protect data against attackers by easy and safe way.
  • do hardware maintenance, cleaning pc from inside and can change components at home like a professionals
  • do software maintenance and use useful tips and trick for speed up your PC and how keep pc in good conditions by my advices
  • you do not need any special skills just be familiar in using Windows and everything next will be explained.

Hi everyone,

in my practice I am repairing many pc’s and 70% cases damaged and broken PC was caused by poor or no maintenance PC. This course will show you how do maintenance on your PC without any needed skill. Course will help you save money extend life of your computer and speed up your computer.

Course start with some theory what component is for what in basic for better imagine what is PC what is inside PC and no need to be afraid of him when he needs to be cleaned from the inside.

Course is designed simply, understandable and divided to four parts,

  1. basic informations
  2. hardware maintenance
  3. software maintenance
  4. bonus section

you do not need take lessons in sequence. If you need clean your pc just on software base,  just take software part of course. If you need hardware maintenance take this part what you need! 

Hardware maintenance – i show you in practice how you can easili clean up your PC and of course I will show you what tools you can use.

Software maintenance – i yow you few very usefool program for cleaning and speed up your operating system.

Bonus section – there is a list of links to few useful programs for you, for OS cleaning, password manager and etc.

This course as I say is very simply and help you understand what is pc and why need mainetenance and what is important, how you can do professional maintenance your PC by yourself at home.

Who is the target audience?
  • this course is absolutely for everyone which want know how to care about your PC
  • are you interest how can clean and speed up your PC? take this course and learn it !!

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