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Consulting Mastery By Mario Brown

Written by sRT*

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Consulting Mastery By Mario Brown

Consulting Mastery By Mario Brown
Mario Browns Consulting Mastery (2015)
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With Consulting Mastery you can literally start creating revenue TODAY and I show you everything step by step, including how to become an expert in any niche within 48 hours.


Module 1 – The System Overview
– We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, revenue generating formula right here in the first module step by step.
– Youll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson.
– In fact, youll now more than most Online Marketers out there right from the start without spending years testing, learning and experimenting.Module 2 – The Most Powerful Business Models – 100 Scalable

– Youll discover the absolutely best model to deliver this system and formula fast and with power. More importantly, I share with you how to create your structure so that your business is 100 Scalable AND Sustainable.
– I love 1on1 Coaching & Consulting for my most expensive service and for the right clients but the real power is in also having a system that you can scale dramatically, where you can work with e.g. 50 people by just doing one Webinar but getting paid by every single person and they love it!

Module 3 – Lead Flow & Automation
– Well this is where the magic happens. Not only is this formula easy and fast to set up, you can (and should!) also automate the full process right away.
– I literally have leads coming in every day and they follow a powerful flow that makes them want to work with me and theyre ready to invest in my services by the time that they actually get to email me and its 100 automated.
– Imagine having a system set up where leads come in, theyre excited to learn more about you and at the same time you (automatically) get positioned as the ultimate expert & authority in your field. Its simple to set up and I hand you my EXACT structure on a Silver Plater so that you can swipe it today.

Module 4 – Premium Pricing Matrix
– Oh yes you can use this formula to build recurring revenue with low ticket pricing BUT Ill show you how to charge premium prices like never before.
– Look, you can make great money with low ticket stuff but at some point you have to also step it up and add something high ticket to your funnel. Well I have good news, – I show you in very detail how to charge premium for your services no matter what.
– There are simple but extremely powerful ways to command high ticket fees and now theyre at your disposal (everyone else is missing this)

Module 5 – The Secret – Qualifying
– What if you had a influx of prospects ready to give you money and ready to work with you immediately. Even better, what if theyre all qualified for any price you want to demand and what if theyre 100 your ideal customer and prospect?
– Well, you achieve that by qualifying and I have 5 proven and tested absolute best ways to qualify prospects right from the start so that only the best customers and prospects show up to work with you or your company.
– This alone is responsible for taking this formula from 5 figures to 6 figures while saving me 90 more time its insane!

Module 6 – The Application Form
– The best way to qualify is via a powerful Application Form and after 2 years of testing different version Ive found the best one.
– Even better, I give you the EXACT questions I ask, I show you why they work so well and then I give my actual Application Form for you to swipe and use immediately.
– No waiting, no testing you just use my proven Done For You Form and youre up and running generating leads, customers and revenue!

Module 7 – The Strategy Session
– There are multiple mechanism that I teach you inside Consulting Mastery to convert prospects into customers and clients.
– You can use email, a webinar, Google Hangout, Skype chat or you can be on the phone, its totally up to you and they all work.
– Now the question of course is, what type of questions do you ask for maximum results?
– Dont worry, I give you my proven and battle tested questions on a silver platter today. You dont have to think or figure things out, you just use the same template that Ive been using for the last 2 years to create a massive Online Business quickly.

Module 8 – Customer Care
– I take this personal. You cant say that youre running a sustainable and successful business if you dont take care of your buyers and if you dont over-deliver.
– In this module I show you in detail what to do in order to have customers absolutely love you. Theyll be happy, theyll recommend you to their peers and friends and most importantly theyll buy from you again and again no matter what.
– You MUST understand how to deliver great Customer Services and this Module shows you how to do that in a snap!

Module 9 – Quick Lead Generation
– The more leads you got, the more money you will make.
– For this system, you dont need a lot of leads but I know that you might be very ambitious so Im going to provide you with the Lead Formula that I use in my business.
– Ive tested multiple Lead Generation & Traffic Strategies, here Ill only focus on the BEST and Fastest ways to generate hot leads, ready to learn more about what you have to offer.
– Here is the best part, you can have OTHERS generate a massive amount of leads for you and Ill show you how to do that step by step. There is nothing more powerful than adding this formula into someones funnel.

Consulting Mastery By Mario Brown
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