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Conversion XL (CXL) – Bundle (49 courses)

Join The Top 1% Of Digital Marketing.

We find the absolute best practitioners in the world, and get them to teach their craft.


Conversion XL Bundle


We find the absolute best practitioners in the world, and get them to teach their craft. Learn from the top performers to become one.

Self-paced online digital marketing courses on all things conversion optimization, digital analytics and digital marketing.

The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets they have to make it happen.


At CXL, we provide:

  • marketing training programs to people serious about their career,
  • managed online revenue optimization & experimentation services to help mid-to-large companies accelerate growth.


Get the world’s top practitioners as your instructors.

CXL Institute teaches you advanced level skills in customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization.

“I attended a 9-month long program where professors from MIT & Columbia Business School taught us Digital Strategy. In that program, we were trained on Digital Marketing for 13 weeks.


This bundle includes:

  1. Ton Wesseling – AB testing mastery
  2. Steve Watt – Account based marketing
  3. Fiona De Brabanter – Adobe Analytics
  4. Guy Yalif – Advanced AI for marketers
  5. Chad Sanderson – Advanced experimentation analysis
  6. Simo Ahava – Advanced Google Tag Manager
  7. Adam Melson – Advanced organic acquisition
  8. Guy Yalif – Applied AI for marketers
  9. André Morys – Applied neuromarketing
  10. David Reeve – Authentic storytelling masterclass
  11. Mike Murphy – Brand building for small businesses and consultants
  12. Manuel da Costa – Building and scaling an optimization
  13. Stefania Mereu – Building data – driven personas
  14. Andy Crestodina – Content strategy and SEO for lead generation
  15. Craig Sullivan – CRO agency masterclass
  16. Peep Laja – CRO Agency masterclass
  17. Val Geisler – Customer retention for subscription products
  18. Lea Pica, Judah Phillips, Ian Littlejohn – Data presentation and visualization
  19. Ian Littlejohn – Data Studio masterclass
  20. Siim Säinas – Data – driven influencer marketing
  21. Karl Gilis – Data – driven UX
  22. Digital marketing minidegree program
  23. Jessica Best – Email marketing – from basics to best – in – class
  24. Fred Pike – Excel for marketers
  25. Curt Maly – Facebook ads
  26. Tom New – Form optimization
  27. Ramli John – Foundations of demand generation
  28. Paul Boag – Fundamentals of persuasive websites
  29. Growth marketing minidegree program
  30. Andre Morys – Heuristic Analysis frameworks for conversion optimization audits
  31. Chris Mercer – Intermediate Google Tag Manager
  32. AJ Wilcox – LinkedIn advertising
  33. Kristen Craft – Marketing management
  34. Lindsey Christensen – Marketing strategy
  35. Joe Martinez and Michelle Morgan – Maximizing audiences for your PPC campaigns
  36. Dan McGaw – Optimizing your marketing tech stack
  37. Matthew Brandt – Product analytics
  38. Lucas Weber – Product marketing for technology companies
  39. Wes Bush – Product – led SaaS growth
  40. Alexa Hubley – Project management for marketers
  41. Momoko Price – Sales copywriting & product messaging
  42. Dan Shure – SEO driven editorial calendar
  43. Irina Nica – SEO link building
  44. Georgi Georgiev – Statistics for AB testing
  45. Martijn Scheijbeler – Technical SEO
  46. Paul Boag – User – centric marketing
  47. Anna Dahlström – UX for marketers
  48. Tom Breeze – YouTube ads
  49. Digital psychology & persuasion minidegree



Conversion XL (CXL) – Bundle (49 courses)

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