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Master java in quick and simple steps

Created by Bharath Thippireddy
Last updated 7/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the fundamentals of java and oops
  • Learn the building blocks of a java program
  • Handle Exceptions
  • Read and Write files
  • Use flow control and looping statements
  • Implement encapsulation polymorphism inheritance and abstraction
  • Write multi threaded programs
  • Understand and use Garbage Collection
  • Learn and create the different types of inner classes
  • Understand and master Strings
  • Learn collections in depth
  • Use functional interfaces and lambda expressions
  • Understand the internal of JVM
  • Interview Question updated regularly
  • All in quick and easy steps
  • Internet

Whether you are a College student learning the fundamental of java or a Big Data Developer writing java map reduce programs or Test Automation engineer who requires java to write your test scripts or a Experienced java developer who wants to fill in the gaps and also master the JVM Internals and the cool features Java 8 introduces this course will help you accomplish your goals.

  • Master the Object Oriented Features and Java Language
  • Install JDK and the Eclipse IDE
  • Execute your first java program and understand the building blocks of a java program
  • Learn Static and Non Static Contexts used in every java program
  • Define logic using conditional statements,looping constructs
  • Use packages to organize code
  • Implement inheritance,abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation
  • Understand interfaces, their importance, and their uses
  • Use abstract classes and interfaces to implement abstraction
  • Develop Multithreaded applications.
  • Hand Exceptions
  • Read and Write files using the I/O Streams API
  • Understand and use the various Java Collection Classes
  • Learn and use the java 8 features such as lambdas,functional interfaces,predicates etc in simple terms
  • Learn the internals of the Java Virtual Machine

What are the requirements?

  • Java,Eclipse IDE(Installation is covered in easy setup section)
Who is the target audience?
  • Developers who are getting started with java
  • Testers who want to learn java quickly and in depth
  • Experienced developers who want to learn Java 8 features
  • Experienced developers who want to understand the internals of JVM
  • Anyone who want to learn java quickly and in depth

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