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Core: A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More

Written by sRT*

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Core: A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More

A comprehensive guide to launching and building your own web project using Django & Python. Made for Non-Technicals.
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2,650 students enrolled
Created by Justin Mitchel
Last updated 10/2016
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Core: A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More

  • 26 hours on-demand video
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn Django & Python Fundamentals
  • Learn jQuery Fundamentals
  • Learn Web Development Process
  • Keep as a long-term reference guide
Curriculum For This Course


154 Lectures


Welcome to CORE


Setup your Computer

3 Lectures03:56

Web Basics

3 Lectures24:56

Introduction to Python

10 Lectures01:47:27

Introduction to HTML/CSS

6 Lectures58:20

Try Django: Build an MVP Landing Page

23 Lectures04:17:13

Bootstrap Basics

7 Lectures01:36:58

Introduction to jQuery

6 Lectures01:23:42

Django Project

3 Lectures19:19

Django Views: Function Based Views

4 Lectures46:56

Django Template System: HTML Structure for Data

9 Lectures01:27:19

Django Models: Storing & Retreiving Data

8 Lectures01:23:13

Basic Registration, Login & Logout (aka Authentication)

7 Lectures01:04:11

Django Views: Class Based Views (Updated and Expanded)

15 Lectures01:43:25

Advanced Authentication (Django Packages)

12 Lectures01:37:48

Your Own API

7 Lectures52:51

External APIs — Learn the basics of working with external services

5 Lectures01:32:19

Mass Emailing — Email Newsletters & More

6 Lectures01:19:11

Automate Social: Customer Research using Emails

2 Lectures33:56

Version Control Basics with GIT

5 Lectures48:31

Deploying aka Going Live

5 Lectures01:19:40

Thank you!

1 Lecture02:37
  • Interest in building Web Applications
  • Ready to learn through the struggles
  • Mac OS X (Mavericks)
  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Linux (recommended: Ubuntu 12)

Coding for Entrepreneurs CORE is a comprehensive guide to help you build better projects. Updated August 17 2015

This course is designed as a compliment to all Coding For Entrepreneurs Projects and will help you better understand Django, Bootstrap, Python, jQuery, and more.

We have worked with over 100,000 students worldwide and it allows us to continually improve our content and our ability to help entrepreneurs build better projects.

You can be anything you want to be. This has always been true but even more so now thanks to incredible people working hard around the world to both learn and teach. We strive to help you become a better entrepreneur by helping you better understand the fundamentals of the technology that is changing all of our lives for the better.

Anything that can be automated, will be. Who is going to be doing the automating? Who will be designing the systems? Who will be rebuilding the systems? Who will be managing the systems?

It’s an incredible time to be an entrepreneur. Join us, we’d like to work with you to improve our skills together.


Justin Mitchel Founder Coding For Entrepreneurs

Who is the target audience?
  • Non-Technical Entrepreneurs
  • Beginning Programmers
  • Any age

Core A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More.part1.rar  (2.00 GB),_Python,_and_More.part1.rar
Core A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More.part2.rar  (2.00 GB),_Python,_and_More.part2.rar
Core A Web App Reference Guide for Django, Python, and More.part3.rar  (544.61 MB),_Python,_and_More.part3.rar


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