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Creative Fitness Academy –- Brendan Meyers

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Creative Fitness Academy –- Brendan Meyers
Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس

[Download] Creative Fitness Academy – Brendan Meyers


Brendan Meyers – Creative Fitness Academy | 15.1 GB

“Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Online Fitness Business… But Just Not Sure Where To Even Start?”
The Most “Foolproof” Way To Start A Six-Figure Online Fitness Business Without Having To Worry About Building A Massive Social Media Following
(You’re Just Moments Away From Gaining Access To A Step-By-Step Proven Method Of EVERYTHING You Need To Get Going)
12 Week CFA Masterclass Program ($21,652 Value)
BONUS #1: Done-For-You Contract Swipe Files ($400 Value)
BONUS #2: Structured Workout Program Template ($497 Value)
BONUS #3: Email Marketing Template Swipe Files ($297 Value)
BONUS #4: Profitable Facebook Ads Template Vault ($497 Value)
BONUS #5: Expert Video Vault ($2,997 Value)
BONUS #6: Online Coaching Call Script ($1,997 Value)
Total Value: $28,337

Module 1 Personal Brand Development
Setting Up Your Story & Future Brand
Purpose Development
Building Out Goals
Creating Your Story Brand
The Value Ladder

Module 2 Brand Flow Development
Organizing Your Business
Your Successful Business Flow

Module 3 Market Research & Avatar Discovery
Social Engagement Discovery
Facebook Audience Discovery
V.I.E. & Market Demand
BONUS: Ideal Avatar Cheat Sheet

MODULE 4 Starting & Protecting Your Business Through Legal
Business Entities
Intellectual Property
All Things Contracts
FTC Marketing Regulations
Done-For-You Contract Swipe Files (3 Total)

Module 5 Branding
Introduction To Branding
Photoshop 101
Building A Visual Design (Logo & Theme)

Module 6 Videography & Photography
Software & Camera Recommendations
Setting Up Your Camera Functionality
Video Shooting 101
Video Length
Video Editing 101
Photo Editing 101

Module 7 Social Hacks Organic Instagram + Facebook
Instagram vs. Facebook Groups
4 Pillars To Growth Hacking
Posting On Instagram
Creating Facebook Groups
Monetizing & Engagement Hacks Facebook
Hacking The Instagram Algorithm
Instagram Growth Hacking Tips

Module 8 Social Hacks – Organic YouTube
Introduction To Organic YouTube Growth
YouTube 101
Organic YouTube Growth
Organic YouTube Sales

Module 9 Product Creation: Digital Goods
Introduction To Digital Goods
My Six-Figure Program
Designing Your Workout Plans & Custom Meal Plans
BONUS: @TheBMeyers 6-Figure Program Template

Module 10 Service Creation: Online Coaching
Pricing For Online Coaching
Software Setup Process
Setting Up Your First Client
Building Value & Funneling Traffic
Perfecting Your Coaching Application
Scheduling Your Client Call
Closing Your Client ()
Capturing Payment & Onboarding
Client Management
BONUS: Online Coaching Call Script

Module 11 Product Creation: Physical Goods
Vision of Your Physical Goods Business
Funding For Your Physical Goods
Creating Your Product
Creating Your Label & Rebranding

Module 12 Funnel Design & Mastery
Sales Funnel Overview
Building Your Value Ladder
Sales Funnel Strategy
ClickFunnels Setup
Clickfunnels 101
Opt-In Creation
Sales Page Structure
Sales Page Creation
Checkout Pages
Upsells & Downsells
Indoctrination Emails

Module 13 Buyers Flow – Email Marketing
Why Email?
MailChimp Overview
Segmenting Your Emails
Designing Your Emails & Tracking Them

Module 14 Buyers Flow – Facebook Ads
How To Run Profitable Advertising
Intro To Facebook
Tracking Traffic & Buyers
Researching Ideal Customer Avatar
Funnel Congruency
Creating 6-Figure Ads
The 6-Figure Campaign Setup
Scaling & Retargeting
Ongoing Support
BONUS: Proven Facebook Ads Swipe File

Module 15Buyers Flow – YouTube Ads
Researching Your Customer
Creating Your YouTube Ad
The Video Shoot
Targeting The Perfect Customer
YouTube Ad Setup
Optimizing Your Ads
Scaling Your Ad Campaign

Module 16 Business Management & Scaling
Business Management Setting Norms
Researching Your Customer
Low Expense Planning
Simple Scaling Techniques


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