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Two fundamental languages of the web are HTML, CSS and Html is used for structure, CSS is used for styling. Everyone who has ever worked with CSS knows  it’s biggest flaw – no layout support. CSS Flexbox fixes that by providing simple yet powerful solutions. Reasons to Use CSS Flexbox

Number One – create more advanced layouts

Number Two – write less code

Number Three – avoid using CSS hacks

Number Four – forget CSS floats ever existed

Number Five (this should be number one) – have fun while doing it.

This step by step course is intended for everyone who wants to start working with CSS Flexbox.

A basic knowledge of HTML, CSS would be preferred.

We will cover what is CSS Flexbox, how to add CSS Flexbox to our projects, how to start working with CSS Flexbox and step by step we will cover CSS Flexbox syntax. After that we will dive deep into world of CSS Flexbox by creating interesting website projects (small and big) because learning the syntax is only the first step – IF YOU WANT TO BECOME CSS FLEXBOX NINJA – you need to know how to implement CSS Flexbox in real world situations.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn CSS Flexbox


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Computer
  • Text Editor
  • Web Browser


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