Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Jack Canfield – Awakening Prosperity
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A 5-Week Online Course to heal your money wounds, create a lasting relationship with prosperity and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

What You’ll Receive in the
Awakening Prosperity Training
The Awakening Prosperity 5-Week Online Course has been carefully designed to help you transcend your blocks and wounding around money and enter into a new dimension of prosperity. You’ll do this under the expert guidance of Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Jack Canfield and with the support of a community of like-minded individuals.

#1 – The 9 Prosperity Activators Intro Video Series
As soon as you sign up, you’ll get access to a four part series to get you on the right track. These videos lay the foundation for the program and are the guiding principles of living a happy and prosperous life.
– Personal Welcome Video from Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Jack Canfield
– Complete Awakening Prosperity User-Guide Video
– How to use the 9 Prosperity Activators for maximum results.
– Tapping into Self-Worth
– Learn the art of Self-Love in this featured video.
– The Energetics of Debt and How To Be Free
– Learn the necessary ingredient for an internal shift that will eradicate debt in your life forever.

#2 – Five Online Classes & Live Q&A Calls w/ Dawa Tarchin Phillips and Jack Canfield
Every week, you’ll receive a one-hour recorded training plus join Dawa and Jack for a Live Q&A session to:
– Develop a deep understanding and embodiment of the 9 Prosperity Activators
– Learn how to avoid common pitfalls when invoking abundance into your life
– Get your specific questions about your unique relationship with prosperity answered
Each week we’ll cover the following topics and share the weekly challenge so you can EXPERIENCE the concepts discussed.

Week 2: Embodying the Qualities of WILLINGNESS & ENTHUSIASM
Week 3: Embrace True POWER & Cultivate PATIENCE
Week 4: Step into INTEGRITY

#3 – Weekly Prosperity Challenges
Join us for 5 Challenges that will open you to RECEIVE more prosperity & abundance in your life
Make prosperity real and stay accountable with these carefully constructed weekly prosperity challenges. Dawa and Jack will be sure to make your journey fun and challenging as you harness the power of the group to energize your life.

#4 – Prosperity Invocations
You will receive 9 powerful invocations to call in the energy and alignment to attract what you want
Activate abundance through specific meditation practices. These are downloadable and can be listened to over and over to continually tap into your internal source of abundance.

#5 – Prosperity Activation Meditations
You will receive 9 meditations so that you can be in deep alignment consciously and subconsciously with the 9 activators
Activate abundance through specific meditation practices. These are downloadable and can be listened to over and over to continually tap into your internal source of abundance.


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