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Devops Jenkins Pipeline As Code All you need to know A - Z


Are you looking to use Jenkins pipeline as code FAST?

“With Pipelines, organisations can define their delivery pipeline through a DSL (Pipeline-as-code). Pipelines, thus, can be versioned, checked into source and easily shared within an organisation. “”The Pipeline DSL helps you capture complex process requirements through code – thus you can try-catch on deployment failures, loop through deployments, run tests in parallel. It brings the power of a programming language (groovy) to do so. At the same time, the DSL is simple enough to capture simple cases easily without having to touch groovy code. You can capture common patterns in functions and keep them in a global library so that new applications can build on these functions rather than re-invent.  ”

Source: Cloudbees – Jenkins Pipeline – Software Delivery Made EasyJenkins Pipeline as Code allows you to define and automate pipelined job processes with code. Code that can be stored and versioned in a repository which allows you to track changes over time and used by jenkins to run build jobs. If you are already using Jenkins, you should have already heard of pipeline as code but if you have not, this course will help you learn what it is, and also help you to get started quickly with it to make your life as a devops practitioner much easier. This course will help you understand and use both declarative and scripted pipeline scripts and how to use shared libraries for common code across build jobs with realtime demonstrations of the pipeline scripts. Please also note that this is NOT a how to set up Jenkins course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are just starting out on jenkins pipeline as code
  • Intermediate people who want to have more knowledge on implementing pipeline as code in jenkins


  • Prior understanding of how Jenkins work
  • An existing Jenkins setup
  • Some programming knowledge. it would be even better if you already know Groovy but that’s not a strong requirement as you should be able to follow what the Groovy code is doing and I will explain more on Groovy during the course.

Last updated 2/2019


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