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[Download] Bob Corcoran – Listing Mastery Bootcamp

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Bob Corcoran – Listing Mastery Bootcamp | 5.16 GB

Success in any endeavor is about preparation and setting the conditions for success. The same axiom holds true in real estate! Through Corcoran Consulting & Coaching’s Listing Mastery Boot Camp, you and your staff can prepare for success through two days of intense and informative training at our training facility just across the Mississippi River from Saint Louis, Missouri. Listing Agents will learn about Time Management, Lead Management and Effective Prospecting in addition to other keys to success.
See and learn firsthand, the effective systems Top Agents use:

– Interact, share and discuss ideas and solutions with your peers
– Make more money! Catapult your business NOW and in the future!
– Master scripts and dialogues that turn leads into clients
– Access to Bob Corcoran, one of America’s best coaches
Note: If you’re not familiar with Bob Corcoran, and you’re unsure if this is worth snatching, it’s worth mentioning that Lars Hedenborg was in attendance at this workshop as a student. ? (He’s on film interacting with Bob a few times.)

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