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[Download] Daniel Levis - Email Alchemy Track 2

Daniel Levis – Email Alchemy Track 2 | 2.37 GB

MODULE 2 is where you’ll show me all of the different marketing methods I can use to generate leads for my high-profit EMAIL ALCHEMY services.

You’ll show me:

How to integrate your advanced EMAIL training into an existing portfolio of copywriting or marketing consulting services.
How to “ascend” coaching and consulting clients to Email Alchemy. where they pay TOP dollar.
Different offers I can make to my own list, and multiple proven methods of generating interest.
How to attract and enroll potential prospects I meet at seminars and mastermind groups. (Giving me the ability to finally stand-out-from-the- crowd and offer far more value than anyone else can.)
How to partner with other marketers (whether it be another copywriter or marketing consultant or information marketer with access to my target).and a lot more.

Module 3 is a deep dive into Qualifying an Opportunity, in other words, ONLY working with clients I enjoy and WHO CAN PAY ME what I want (and so I never get burned). You’ve been through the mill with sleazy, obnoxious clients and know how to save me the trouble.

You’ll also reveal:

The absolute KEY questions to ask so I establish rapport and trust. and get what I
need .
How to corroborate what the client tells me (so they can’t pull a fast one).
Proofs to obtain. short and simple so I don’t waste my time or get too intrusive.
Danger signs, red flags, and signals for immediate retreat .
And “making a call”. should I pursue this deal or shouldn’t I? And under what conditions?

**MODULE 4 is ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING** .Where You License Me to Use a Complete Set of Done-For-Me Contracts and Exclusive Marketing Materials for Growing My EMAIL ALCHEMY Business FAST!

BLESS YOU DANIEL! You’re handing me a whopping 10-PART Email Alchemy sequence for selling Email Alchemy services elegantly.
I even get a crisp, clear, pre-written and coded LANDING PAGE for generating more leads!
You’re also creating a secret weapon. a 5-part lumpy mail campaign to amplify all my online marketing and SHOCK my prospects with something NOBODY else uses. SNAIL mail!
AND EVEN MORE. you’re lovingly creating a 24-page SPECIAL REPORT that I can reprint and back up with an additional PowerPoint presentation with included Webinar Script!
AND.You’ll teach me precisely how to customize the contracts and marketing materials for specific niches and maximum profit (they will DAZZLE my clients!).

You’re doing all the HEAVY LIFTING FOR ME. with literally HUNDREDS OF HOURS of your time. and I get it ALL for peanuts. a small fraction of the ACTUAL value.

(NOTE: I also understand your annoying fine print.that I can modify these materials any way I want, as long as I don’t use your name in any way that implies you have any responsibility for the success or failure of my work. And I CAN NOT imply that my work is your work, when it comes to sharing the case studies. The 24-page report (and PowerPoint, and Webinar Script) are NOT modifiable, and they ARE branded with your name so I can piggyback on your mojo.)

MODULE 5 Reveals Everything There is to Know about Structuring & Pitching the Deal:

Demonstrating Found Money to a list owner so they’re AMAZED by my business savvy.
Understanding the Big Picture, top and bottom line realities for the client.
Justifying my value so they’re overjoyed to have me on their team.
Setting fees and royalty percentages so we BOTH get plenty of dough.
And finally, closing the deal so everything is clear when we take the money to the bank.

MODULE 6 is about Crafting the Offer for Maximum Profit from the Client’s List:

Choosing the correct product from your client’s inventory so YOU get what you need.
Positioning the product against competitors, and to its best advantage.
Bundling correctly to MULTIPLY, instead of add to, the perceived value of a product!
Bonusing smart to drive the sale harder and faster .
Discounting, but only if it’s necessary. and how to use relative value positioning to the MAX!
Scarcity and Urgency (aka, Time Pressure) used intelligently, so I don’t shoot myself in the foot.
Your advanced tricks of the trade for adapting and dressing up the client’s offer for maximum money!

MODULE 7 is a PhD Level Class on Actually Creating These Campaigns:

You’re picking up where Email Alchemy Track 1 leaves off and digging deeper into the amazing campaign. – revealing pro-level secrets that are simply beyond the reach of even the best do-it-yourselfer. that give me even more tools for maximizing my income. sending me light years ahead of other writers.

Secrets for bringing before-and-after stories to life, even after the market has already been over-exposed to them .

How to “personify” your client. bringing their empathy for the prospect into extreme focus .
Infusing your emails with Cinderella charm and infectious optimism .
And much more!

MODULE 8: Straight Talk about ADDITIONAL (& Abundant) Revenue Opportunities!

There’s a lot more money lying around. And with your proprietary EMAIL ALCHEMY training and exclusive materials, I’ll have the guts to jump in and advise my clients on what they’re already doing. and usually doing BADLY.

My brain will be popping when I see what else I can do when EMAIL ALCHEMY blows the door wide open. Because opportunities are EVERYWHERE to rework their:

Sales Letters and Web Design .
Video Scripts and Production.
Direct Mail Campaigns.
Consulting, coaching, and all of the other value-added stuff you can sell once you GET YOUR FOOT in the door with a client as an Email Alchemist rainmaker.

If you are satisfied and make enough money,

We highly recommend you to buy the original products to support the developers!


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