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[Download] Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery

Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery | 727 MB

Local Agency Mastery is a hands on program dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to $10k+.
Local Agency Mastery is an online program that’s dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to over six figures in the next 30 days.
My name is Donovan Williams and I have scaled multiple agencies to over six figures in record time. Going into 2018, I have now developed a system that has helped over 20 marketers scale their agencies incredibly fast and help them generate insane amounts of cash-flow for their business. This program is dedicated to the marketers and agency owners out there that have ever been burned or have yet to crack the code to actually growing their agency.

In Local Agency Mastery we’re going to be talking about:
– How To Scale Your Agency To Over Six Figures In The Next 30 Days
– How To Retain Clients For Six Months And Above!
– Why Your Mindset Is Literally The Key To Growing Your Business
– How To Cold Email To Get High Paying ($3k-$5k) A Month Digital Marketing Clients
– How To Use LinkedIn To Get 25+ Booked Meetings A Week
– My Exact Email Templates I Use To Book Meetings Like Wildfire
– How To Outsource All Of Your Work, While Maintaining 75% Profit Margins
– My Exact Sales Presentations I Use To Close High Paying Deals

All of these things that I just mentioned above will be included in Local Agency Mastery.
And not to mention….
I Will Be Doing A Live Case Study Of Where I Will Be Taking A Digital Agency From $0-$10k In 30 Days:
Where it will include:
What Industry I Will Be Going After
The Exact Method I Will Be Using To Contact The Clients
The Exact Emails I Will Be Sending To Clients
And The Exact Presentation I Will Be Using To Close High Paying Clients

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